Learning Object - Online Teaching Techniques

This is the accomplishment of activity 2, unit 2 of E-Learning Pedagogical Processes Seminar.

LEARNING OBJECTS – While knowledge objects are discrete items that can be integrated into lessons as, learning objects are more highly developed, consisting of discrete lessons, learning units, or courses. For example, a video clip from a speech is a simple knowledge object, but it becomes a learning object when a lesson is added to it. The principal benefit of knowledge and learning objects comes from their reusability. As far as e-learning is concerned, being discrete units, they can be incorporated into a wide range of courses or learning scenarios. (McGreal & Elliott – “Technologies of online learning”)

1- Publishing a rich PowerPoint online (using Slideshare or Scribd) puts some problems as you work loses its interactivity: links and Youtube videos, for example, disappear completely). This is something to think about before building the next learning object.
2- I’m Olympia at Slideshare.

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